Work Package 3 - Observation & Analysis

The overarching aim of work package 3 “Observation and analysis“ is to measure the physical, oceanographical, biogeochemical, and ecosystem changes in the respective real-world laboratory. As it is a tidally and seasonally influenced system, the implemented observation system has to provide spatially and temporally highly resolved data of the coastal zone including the adjacent water mass. This is a prerequisite to understand the effect of ecosystem-strengthening coastal protection measures.

In this context, the term observation system means the integrated use of sensors deployed permanently or at least for a longer period in the field, but also the short-term use of instruments during dedicated field campaigns. The establishment of the observing systems also involves local stakeholders, whose cooperation and support is essential for successful implementation of online measurement systems.

The obtained data will be assembled to so-called environmental situation pictures that allow an overall assessment of the real-world laboratories. They also allow an evaluation of the variability of the environmental status with respect to seasons or disturbance events (e.g. storm surges). Both observational data and environmental situation pictures are the basis for the overall project, especially work packages 2 and 4.

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