Real-world Laboratory Mainland Coast

Mainland coast Neßmersiel

Neßmersiel offers various research oportunities as mainland location.  In contrast to the barrier island, Neßmersiel is located directly on the mainland of Lower Saxony. Slightly protected from impeeding storm surges by the chain of barrier islands, the coast here is mainly impacted by flooding and fetch generated shortcrested waves.  The tide gate with its harbor and navigational access channel are one research area. The gate is used to drain the hinterland during ebb and make it usable as meadow. The formation and migration of the brakish water zone will be monitored to invesigate possible climate change related impacts. Furthermore, the Wester-Neßmer-Sommerpolder is located directly west of the harbor. Currenlty the polder is separated from the North Sea by a summer dyke. However, this dyke will be opened during the project run time as part of a compensation measure. A comparison between before and after re-connecting the polder to the North Sea will be conducted.