Work Package 1 - Real world laboratories & Coordination

This work package is responsible for the coordination of the research cluster regarding the characterization of coastal real world laboratories and the detection of potential locations along the coastline of Lower Saxony.

Furthermore, work package 1 merges the processes involved in identifying and contacting potential stakeholders on federal, regional and local levels.

Here, the project aims to actively invite stakeholders to contribute towards characterizing and detecting potential locations, involving for example representatives from the Wadden Sea National Park of Lower Saxony or the Lower Saxon State Department for Waterway, Coastal and Nature Conservation.

Doing so, the project consortium ensures that research questions are not pre-formulated and simply approved by the corresponding authorities. Instead, research questions are co-developed and tailored towards the specific needs found at the Lower Saxon coastline, a generic temperate climate zone coast found in many countries around the world.

This approach facilitates the research and adaption to climate change related drivers, such as sea level rise, warming and implications for coastal habitats to define novel eco-system strengthening coastal protection concepts.

Main aspects


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