Work Package 2 - Model development

Work package 2 is focusing on the parameterization and development of physical and numerical models for saltmarsh and dune vegetation of the north-sea coast of Germany to expand the knowledge of ecosystem services provided by these systems to develop an integrated coastal zone management concept.

Field and laboratory observations and experiments as well as numerical simulations help apprehending coastal processes to promote a sustainable and nature-based coastal protection with minimal anthropogenic influence.

Systematic observations are conducted to identify seasonal and local changes of vegetation regarding zonation, height, density and biomechanical parameters like the bending stiffness. Complementary field data of soil properties and topography indicate erosion stability and  will be measured for multiple annual cycles. This will facilitate to investigate and develop a numerical model of interactions between vegetation, hydrodynamics, erosion and transport processes. The goal is to determine the vegetation influence for storm surge scenarios in regards to climate change.

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